Holiday Gifting Etiquette Guide

The best presents in life are obviously FREE!! Love, kisses and hugs!! But tis the holiday gifting season, so I am sure you need ideas and budget ideas for gifting your near and dear ones in your life!

Here are a few guidelines.

  1.  Always make it personal. Adding a personal touch to your gift adds the feeling of love and caring into your gift giving and it makes the person who is receiving the gift, feel cared for. If your friend is a foodie, how wonderful would it be to give him or her a cook book. Here are 100 Best Selling Cookbooks to choose from. 
  2. Don't be obligated to go beyond your means to gift. Nowadays with the deals online there are many things you can get for as little as $15 - From some of the best magazine subscriptions  to scarves.
  3. Home made gifts are a great way to say thanks to the people who service you all through out the year. Decorate a few wine glasses with glass paint or make a small gift basket with items you know they will love!
  4. Always, always write a "handwritten" note of thanks and holiday cheer! It's a small but HUGE gesture! 
  5. When in doubt give gift cards !! Ask them which store is their favorite! 


Service ProviderOptionsSuggested Amount or Gift
Au pair or live-in nanny
Cash or consider a gift. This person works closely with your family and you probably know them well.
One week’s pay and a gift from your child(ren).
Regular babysitter
One evening’s pay and a small gift from your child(ren).
Day care provider
Cash or a gift for each staff member who works with your child(ren).
A gift from you or $25-$70 for each staff member and a small gift from your child(ren).
Live-in help (nanny, cook, butler, housekeeper)

Cash and a personal gift
One week to one month of pay as a cash tip, plus a gift from you.
Private nurse
A thoughtful gift from you.
Home health employees
Check with agency first about gifts or tipping policies. If there is a no gifts/tipping policy, consider a donation to the agency.
A thoughtful gift from you. (If gift-giving is not against company policy.)
Cash and/or a gift
Up to the amount of one week’s pay and/or a small gift.
Nursing home employees
A gift (not cash). Check company policy first.
A gift that could be shared by the staff (flowers or food items).
Cash or gift
Cost of one haircut or a gift.
Beauty salon staff
Cash or gift depending on whether you tip well after each service.
The cost of one salon visit  divided for each staff member who works with you. Give individual cards or a small gift each for those who work on you.
Personal trainer
Cash or gift
Up to the cost of one session or a gift.
Massage therapist
Cash or gift
Up to the cost of one session or a gift.
Pet groomer
Cash or gift (if the same person grooms your pet all year).
Up to the cost of one session or a gift.
Dog walker
Cash or gift
Up to one week’s pay or a gift.
Personal caregiver
Cash or gift
Between one week to one month’s salary or a gift.
Pool cleaner
Cash or gift
The cost of one cleaning to be split among the crew.
Garage attendants
Cash or small gift
$10-30 or a small gift
Newspaper delivery person
Cash or small gift
$10-30 or a small gift
Mail carrier
Small gift only
Please see below for a detailed description of the United States Postal Service’s gift regulations.*
Package deliverer
Small gift only, no cash. (Only if you receive regular deliveries.)
Small gift in the $20 range. Most delivery companies discourage or prohibit cash gifts.
Cash or gift
$20-80 or a gift
Cash or gift
$15-80. $15 or more each for multiple doormen, or a gift.
Elevator operator
Cash or gift
$15-40 each
Cash or gift
$15 to $40
Trash/Recycling collectors
Cash or gift (for private) check city regulations if it is a municipal service.
$10-30 each
Yard/Garden worker
Cash or gift
$20-50 each

Grandparent Gifts!

New Grandma Gift Basket! 

For new Grandparents the gift usually is the grandchild themselves. Holding the little one and looking into their smiling eyes is a brand new experience for them.

But you can always gift the new grandparents with gifts for them. Put a smile on their face and order one of our tailor made gifts for first time or new Grandparents.

Call us at 847-277-1483 to speak with our customer service rep. 

Looking for graduation gifts for high school and college graduates?

There is a good reason they call these ceremonies "commencement exercises."  Graduation is not the end; it's the beginning.  ~ Orrin Hatch

College students are entering probably the best years of their life and need a jump start. Give them gifts that will help them. Ask any graduate and they will say that they would love cold hard cash as a gift. Although, graduation gifts like savings bonds and mutual funds can be good alternatives to cash.

For those graduates that have everything it sure is hard to think of what to give. I have found in my years of gift giving that some special keepsakes are often appreciated especially photo albums!! You can go the traditional route like the one below...

Or gift this beautiful Digital Photo frame. They will be able to enjoy their favorite memories in vibrant color and crisp detail on the 10"1 LCD. The fun part of this frame is that it can be changed by the flick of a remote! Yes it comes with a remote control.

Don't underestimate the advantage of international travel in helping to round out their education and broaden their horizons.

Or how about an entertainment package via Apple? For those moving into a new apartment there’s really no reason to sign up for cable tv anymore. With Apple TV you can stream shows from iTunes, Netflix, MLB.TV and other subscription services. The ever popular YouTube is always free. With Apple TV you are also able to stream your own HD videos from your mobile devices using AirPlay over your Wi-Fi network. In fact, the Apple TV makes a great companion for your iPad as it will send movies, music, photos and video games to the TV screen using Apple’s AirPlay technology. No subscription needed.

I can guarantee that the new grad is not going to go buy this for themselves! So gift one to them!

Gift baskets make great gifts too. They can be personalized by calling us at 847-277-1483 or head on over to our website at Elegantly Expressed Gift Baskets

Here are a few gift baskets that are great alternatives!

What Should I Consider when Buying a Gift for Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is a very special occasion and gives couples a chance to celebrate romance. When buying a gift for Valentine's Day, it is a good idea to consider the level of relationship before selecting something. Think about the message you want the gift to convey. The type of gift you choose can say a lot of things from “I’m having fun getting to know you,” to “I love you with all my heart.”


For those who have a casual relationship, a Valentine's Day gift should mirror the relaxed and informal nature of the relationship. Giving something too elaborate, expensive, or intimate may give the other person the wrong idea. Fun cards are a better option than those with loving sentiments. Cute gifts such as stuffed animals may also be good choices as opposed to something like jewelry, lingerie, perfume, or aftershave. If you’re thinking flowers, a single rose is a nice gesture for Valentine's Day, while a full dozen roses tends to imply more.


The same is true at the other end of the spectrum. Giving a Valentine's Day gift that is too casual when involved in a serious relationship may give the other person pause. It is the thought that counts when it comes to gifts, but gifts often express more or less than what we intend them to do. One’s feelings about a relationship may be inaccurately judged by the type of gift given, especially on a romantic day like Valentine's Day, so be sure to put some thought into it.


This is not to say that a Valentine's Day gift must be expensive. Sometimes the smallest gestures really are the most touching. One example is to select a Valentine's Day gift that represents that special person’s hobbies or interests. Personal or intimate gifts will also be well received when people are deeply involved. If you do want to give something substantial, it’s hard to go wrong with jewelry.

Aside from romantic relationships, many people also like to give Valentine's Day gifts to other people in their lives. For those you want to make feel special, without including the romance aspect, consider candy. 
You don’t have to choose a heart shaped box of chocolates, but candy is universally accepted as a gift choice. You might also want to put together or pick up a Valentine’s Day gift basket. Many are designed with particular themes in mind. You can choose a gift basket for the coffee lover or a similar option instead of selecting one with a romantic theme.


More and more people are binge watching or are choosing what to watch and when to watch over the Internet. One of the reasons subscriptions like Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix are becoming so popular as gifts. What better gift is there then, to give a subscription to Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Have a wonderfully loving Valentine's Day!! 

Easter has a fun side to it ! Special Easter Giving !

Easter has deeper religious meaning. But it also has a fun side to it. It is a holiday that embraces spring...colorful pastel marshmallow peeps, plastic eggs, cute dresses and more.

Easter is a time for giving. Whether it is a gift gasket or is good to give....

Although I do not celebrate Easter I know of many friends who do. To me Easter symbolizes the "Egg" in it's many fun forms from Chocolate Easter Eggs to to swirly marbleized eggs I would make with my kids after school. I remember participating in the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday every year. It was so magical to see my kids faces light up when they found a plastic egg. The neighborhood mom's would revel at our hiding skills when the kids had given up and were not able to find any more of the eggs we had hidden....It was fun seeing their hunting skills come alive...

Here is a neat idea for a Easter gift...Retro Candy !