Graduation Gift Ideas !

Graduates are ready to tackle the world...the REAL WORLD !
It is very important to set the stage for their continued success.
Graduation gifts can range from practical ones like gift cards to lavish ones like iPods, Zunes, cars etc.

Many young graduates look forward to receiving just money as graduation gifts. When I asked a few high school graduates - my daughter's friends - they all said that they would prefer gift cards from their favorite stores or money.

But they also said that if the person giving the gifts knows them well then it would be great to receive a gift - like maybe a gift basket filled with things that love. Graduates can be easily disappointed and therefore it is imperative that you know the person well enough to indulge in a gift basket.

Here are some great words that you can put on the gift card with your Congratulations Gift Basket !

Congratulations graduate, for making it this far!
You make us very proud, of the person you are !

There's a bright future ahead, you can look forward to !
Trust you'll take the right road, whatever you plan to do !

Good wishes for a future, with lots of success !
Want to wish you the best, for a future of happiness !

Congratulations on one of your best moments!
Stunning performance!
Sheer perfection!
This calls for a celebration!
Let's celebrate!
Congratulations - you did it!
Hip, Hip, Hooray!
Congratulations and best wishes!
A standing ovation for you!

Elegantly Expressed Gift Baskets
Memorable Gifts . . . Lasting Impressions !