Easter has a fun side to it ! Special Easter Giving !

Easter has deeper religious meaning. But it also has a fun side to it. It is a holiday that embraces spring...colorful pastel marshmallow peeps, plastic eggs, cute dresses and more.

Easter is a time for giving. Whether it is a gift gasket or love...it is good to give....

Although I do not celebrate Easter I know of many friends who do. To me Easter symbolizes the "Egg" in it's many fun forms from Chocolate Easter Eggs to to swirly marbleized eggs I would make with my kids after school. I remember participating in the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday every year. It was so magical to see my kids faces light up when they found a plastic egg. The neighborhood mom's would revel at our hiding skills when the kids had given up and were not able to find any more of the eggs we had hidden....It was fun seeing their hunting skills come alive...

Here is a neat idea for a Easter gift...Retro Candy !

Valentine Seduction

Make this for your valentine this February 14th 2009


Flirtatious notes of mango and mint with floating bits of pomegrante makes this festive valentines cocktail curousluy delightful for a perfectly luxorous evening with your sweetheart. The colotrs are enticing as is the polished taste. Its an errotically simple recipe, one that tantilizes the senses. 

2 oz Champagne chilled
2 oz mango juice chilled
1 tspns pomegranate seeds
2 mint leaves slightly pinched between your fingers to bruise

In a tall champage flute add 2 mint leaves and 1 tsp of pomegrarnate seeds.
Add the mango juice and give a quick stir. Add the champagne just before serving.

Chef Notes : Substitute orange juice or V8 Splash for a simple variation in taste. The bruised mint leaves add a nice touch and may be removed before you drink. 

Happy Valentines Day !