What kinds of closing gifts do realtors give?

Many real estate agents, realtors and real estate companies give closing gifts to their clients when a property has been sold to them. This is a way to show thanks and also show ongoing support for the future. You never know when a past client will have need of your services again, after all. It’s a good idea to let your clients know that you value their business and don’t hesitate to show that in the form of respect and service as well as hospitality. The real estate closing gift is a version of this type of hospitality that will make your clients feel right at home.

The simplest real estate closing gifts are gift baskets that include items for a new home or office. These may include household items and/or certificates for services that new homeowners may need. You can find all types of home warming gift baskets that make great real estate closing gifts.

Other items that make nice real estate closing gifts are a bottle of champagne presented in a nice basket or gift container of some sort. Paperweights and ceramic or crystal vases make appropriate office real estate closing gifts. As does any type of large decorative bowl.

Some real estate agents may even give a nice basket with an informational packet about the local schools, hospitals and clinics as well as information about the local shopping stores. This type of gift basket could also include coupons and gift certificates to various stores in the area.

According to the survey conducted in 2003 by Realtor Magazine, 49% gave flowers, 43% gave gift baskets, 39% gave personalized home accessories, 32% gave distilled liquor, champagne, wine, cordials or liqueurs and 26% gave food or sweets. On an average realtors spend an average of $54.20 per business or closing gift.

Missing your College Student?...Send him/her a CARE PACKAGE !

Sending your student a care package is by far one of the most touching things you can do. We all like money, but a real care package, with items that you've handpicked for us, is extra special! Send a message that college isn't always just about grades but is also about having fun and enjoying yourself !!!

Just the sight of another student lugging a box from the mailroom makes everyone else jealous. Some schools offer a care package service, where they pack and deliver treats to your student, but it means so much more when you take the time to pick out something you know your kid loves.

Or we can always do it for you.... :)

So what do you put in that care package? Home-baked treats top the list, but be sure to send them overnight or 2nd day air. After all, most grandmas don't include preservatives in their brownie recipe. Packaged snacks hold up much better (Have you ever seen a moldy Twinkie?), but to make the package really special, try to include a favorite snack that's not available where he or she goes to school.

If there's a holiday your child won't be coming home for, why not send some gift cards for Target or Walmart or so that they can pick out some holiday goodies from the stores? College kids still like to celebrate Halloween and St. Patty's Day, and a lot can't even make it home for the bigger celebrations like Thanksgiving or Easter.

Another thing that's great to send in a care package is clips from the local paper. Look for names of your child's friends in the social pages, college news, etc. If he or she played in high school or followed local sports, send clips about their teams. Send news about his or her old school.

Besides the obvious edible goodies, other great things to include in a care package are useful supplies like pens, pencils, post-it notes, stamps and the much-revered roll of quarters for the laundry or snack machines. Fun stuff like markers, stickers, silly notepads and rubber stamps are also appreciated, since most students don't have a lot of disposable income to blow on fun stuff.

Just remember parents, with a little time and postage, you can really make your student's day!

Artful Giving !!!

You don’t have to buy cookie-cutter presents nor gift baskets... :)
There’s a world of collectibles waiting to be discovered at online museum shops.

If you are looking for something unusual for those folks who have everything? Instead of jumping in the car and heading for the mall, power up your laptop and let your fingers do the shopping at the online stores of American museums.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

As tastefully appointed and brimming with treasures as the patrician New York museum itself, featuring educational product descriptions that let you learn while you shop. Browse by category (such as Books, Scarves and Shawls, or For the Table) or by museum exhibition or collection (such as Photographs, The Costume Institute, Asian Art). Merchandise ranges from a Unicorn tapestry-inspired pillow cover ($80) to a reproduction bronze of a Degas dancer ($295). Jewelry offerings are extensive, from a Tiffany snowflake pin ($35) to a mother-of-pearl pendant based on ancient Indian jewelry. Feeling flush? Click on Luxury Fine Jewelry for high-end items like the hand-hammered Greek-inspired gold cuff bracelet ($5,750). Don't miss MetKids, with unique items like the Knight Night Light ($12) and a Terracotta Warriors Excavation Kit.

Art Institute of Chicago

Famed artists and Chicago architects take center stage here, with tons of framed reproductions, distinctive apparel (such as a Kandinsky necktie), and decorative housewares (such as a lamp made of criss-crossing chopsticks or a throw blanket with a Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass window design). The extensive home furnishings section breaks down into 20 sub-sections, from Clocks and Decorative Glass to Throws and Wind Chimes, including unique objects like ancient Egyptian-style alabaster vases and colorful Indonesian baskets. Stained-glass lamp fan? You'll find a wide selection here, from Mackintosh to Mission to Tiffany. You can also browse by style or artist, choosing from more than fifty names. A helpful shopping tote icon in the top corner tallies how many items you've placed in your cart and the total cost. Use the gift selector to find objects in your desired price range and category. A search for jewelry between $50 and $100 yielded 82 results, from an amber reversible cross to a necklace and earring set based on Monet's waterlilies.

Field Museum

Whether it's a life-sized plush lion ($472), an ancient Egyptian "I Love You" cartouche necklace ($48) or a toddler's dino-painted footstool ($60), this venerable Chicago museum offers a wide array of products related to natural history and world cultures. Browse by category or exhibit. You'll find particularly deep offerings in "Pompeii: Stories from an Eruption." (Check out the Vesuvianite jewelry, named after a gemstone discovered near the infamous volcano.) And then of course, there's Sue, the museum's renowned T-Rex skeleton, who has spawned her own merchandising explosion, from mugs and mouse pads to umbrellas and playing cards. The Kids section features the widest inventory, including Japanese pagoda building blocks ($49), a plush Buddha doll ($15.95) and a radio-controlled pteranodon ($46). There's even a separate section devoted to baby products.

Museum of Modern Art, New York

Sleek, tasteful design rules at MoMA's online shop, where items range in price from under $10 to over $6,000. Browse by category (such as Kitchen and Tabletop, Furniture and Lighting or Posters and Prints). Or choose from an array of big-name 20th-century designers, from Alvar Aalto to Frank Lloyd Wright. The Home Accessories click alone offers more than 100 items, including a futuristic, capsule-shaped FM radio ($24), a classic George Nelson "Eye" clock ($295) and much more. Looking for distinctive jewelry? Try the beaded "DNA" bracelet, necklace and earrings or browse the wide selection of bold and colorful watches. Still not sure what you want? Let Gift Ideas and What's New links help. Crisp, zoomable product pictures throughout.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Click here for wide range of creative gifts--from a Salvador Dali "eye of time" watch pin to a thermal Mona Lisa mug that magically loses its moustache and goatee when filled with a hot drink. In Featured Artist, you'll find work related to three of the museum's most renowned and beloved artists: Dadaist Marcel Duchamp, Philly painter Thomas Eakins and sculptor Auguste Rodin, whose "Thinker" sculpture is represented by everything from a keyring to an ornament to a bronze reproduction. Click on Paper for prints, posters and original limited-edition framed works like Robert Zakanitch's Nina ($1,210). Kids stuff ranges from fine art tattoo packs to a baseball with Vincent van Gogh's signature. The Gift Ideas click helps you browse by price, but not by recipient or occasion.

100 Gift Basket Theme Ideas

What is a Gift Basket Theme?
Gift Baskets are a multi-million dollar industry. They are gifts with a personal touch that people are willing to pay a little extra for. Gift baskets bring the best elements of gift giving together: color, variety, surprise and a common theme ! Sometimes I get weird requests but all of them are fun to pursue.

Here is a Kids DORA themed gift basket

Here are 100 themes for gift baskets.

100 Gift Basket Theme Ideas

  1. New baby
  2. Baskets for Pets
  3. New Mom
  4. Christmas
  5. Easter
  6. Valentine's Day
  7. Corporate
  8. Wine Lovers
  9. Fundraising
  10. Sympathy
  11. Get Well
  12. Cookie Lovers
  13. New Dad
  14. Cheese
  15. Travelers
  16. Nut Lovers
  17. Engagement
  18. Mexican
  19. New Years Eve
  20. Hanukkah
  21. Boss's Day
  22. Tea Lovers
  23. Relaxation
  24. Gardener's
  25. Beach
  26. Bachelor(ette) Party
  27. Basketball Players
  28. Football Players
  29. Aromatherapy
  30. Ice Cream Lovers
  31. Teacher
  32. New Job
  33. Lottery
  34. Baptism
  35. Golfers
  36. Graduation
  37. Mother's Day
  38. Father's Day
  39. Birthday
  40. Wedding
  41. Fruit
  42. Gourmet Food
  43. Patriotic
  44. Coffee Lovers
  45. Italian
  46. Flower
  47. Anniversary
  48. Food
  49. Thank You
  50. Apology
  51. Movie
  52. Music
  53. Spices
  54. Bon Voyage
  55. Secretary's Day
  56. Grandparent's Day
  57. St. Patrick's Day
  58. Baker
  59. Crafter
  60. Fudge Lovers
  61. Bridge Players
  62. Handyman
  63. Organic Foods
  64. Skiers
  65. Soup Lovers
  66. Snack
  67. Divorce
  68. Get Well
  69. New Home
  70. Romance
  71. Chocolate Lovers
  72. Pasta Lovers
  73. Fondue
  74. Sugar Free/ Diabetic
  75. Spa
  76. Popcorn
  77. Kids
  78. Bath
  79. Candle
  80. Book
  81. Beer Lover's
  82. Retirement
  83. Dog
  84. Cat
  85. Champagne
  86. Picnic
  87. Herbs
  88. Barbecue Lovers
  89. Bowlers
  90. Over the Hill
  91. Car Lovers
  92. Bagel Lovers
  93. Hangover
  94. Balloons
  95. Congratulations
  96. Spicy Foods
  97. Toy
  98. Coin Collectors
  99. Coach
  100. Thanksgiving
How many more can you think of? 
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Unique Party Favors by Gail Leino

my remarks are in red.....in between the article !

A party favor is given by a host to their guest to thank them for attending their event. When a hosts gives their guests unique party favors, the guests know how truly appreciated their presence was at the party. Guests attending a party will usually bring a hostess gift or something the host can use or serve at their party. The party hostess usually gives the guests a party favor, thus making it a unique party favor is a reminder of how the event was special.

This cute tower for cupcakes is a great way to display and serve individual servings for a non messy party ! One of my favs !

There are several options available when choosing unique party favors. One of the best ways to make your party favors unique is to make them personalized. A personalized party favor shows your guests that you really wanted them to have a gift that you put a lot of thought into so that they would always remember the event. Another way to give very unique party favors, is to give gift baskets. Gift baskets can be a personalized gift to receive because they can be filled with a combination of any thing to suit your guest's personality.

Awesome Book ! Dozens of clever, classy favor projects to help make any special event unique and memorable. The projects use craft supplies, wedding-craft materials, papers, scrap booking supplies, and small gift items like candles and small frames. 75 projects!

If you are having a costume party, fun favors that can be worn are a great way to give your guests fun they can take home. Costumes themselves as favors are a unique way for guests to bring the fun of your party home with them. Even mix and match costume parts like feather boas, hats or masks are all fun gifts to give to your guests as party favors. For an evening party, a great unique party favor can be glow sticks. Glow sticks and LED light ups are fun as party favors. These are fun for your guests to play with at your party and they create a festive atmosphere. Nothing is more exciting than a dark room full of neon glow sticks and blinking lights. Excellent pool party favors can be inflatables. These are great because your guests can use their favors during the party in the pool and at home.

Cool Glow Bracelets : 5 tubes of 100 LumiStick luminescent light bracelets. Each tube contains a even mix of 5 colors -- Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Pink. I had ordered these for a pool party last summer and it was a big hit !

Whatever favors you choose for your guests will be appreciated as long as you put some thought into them. The point of a party is to have fun. So have fun when looking for the perfect unique party favors for your party. Picking the perfect unique party favor will not only bring joy to your guests but also to yourself. Everyone wants the party favors they choose to be a success.

Mrs. Party... Gail Leino is the internet's leading authority on giving the best possible party, using proper etiquette and manners while also teaching organizational skills and fun facts.

Article Source: http://www.bigarticles.com

3 New Things to Promote Using Promotional Products

Promotion products are every day items that are printed with your company logo. Besides your logo, there are many other things you can promote - for example you can
  1. Promote Your Company's Website - One of the best ways to promote a website is by using it on a "grocery list pad", or a "things to do" pad
  2. Promote A New Product Line - can be promoted using a T-shirt with a funny slogan to grab attention
  3. Promote An Upcoming Contest or Drawing - One of the best ways to do this is by giving away pens or small stress balls for each entry.

There are hundreds of products that you can put your logo/message on… find one that compliments your products. Promotional items remind your clients that the relationship you share with them is important to you. When someone receives a promotional item from you they are more likely to remember you over your competition.

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Nothing shows how thoughtful you are like a good gag gift

Whether it is for a birthday, a graduation party, April fool’s day, any holiday or just another regular day – gag gifts can bring in a little extra cheer. Do they not say that ‘laughter is the best medicine’? Comedy is always appreciated and can make dull parties and dull days brighter! April fools is the official day for the practical jokes, hoaxes and pranks , the one holiday of the year we should be expecting shenanigans.

A gag gift can be something personalized; something you make with a little private joke. Or if you are blank on ideas, you will be shocked to see the variety of gag gifts available in the market. From money to food, the kitchen to bathroom, the backyard to your front door – the variety of gag gifts that can be accommodated in day-to-day life is amazing. In the most unpredictable fashion, you can surprise someone with a gag gift.

Nothing shows how thoughtful you are like a good gag gift. This year, show your friends how well you know them by getting them the perfect present.

Food Stamps: For your friend whose parents couldn't’t afford to get him a laptop. You can say something like, “You’re really poor, that’s why I got you food stamps as a gag gift…”

Have a friend in the hospital? Huge fuzzy bunny slippers will not only make them laugh but they'll think of you every time they shuffle down the hall or into the bathroom — plus they sure beat the paper hospital slippers and they last longer than flowers!

All Dogs Go To Heaven: For your friend whose cat just died.
For the friend who's always bragging about his or her golf game, gag golf balls will do just about anything but what's expected. Pull a switcharoo for laughs!

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Housewarming gifts are given by Realtors, Friends and Neighbors when someone buys a new home or moves into a new apartment or condo. Many times realtors want to thank their clients as well as welcome them to their new home by sending them one of our Welcome Home Gift Baskets.

How about sending a caring and thoughtful gift basket to your colleague or neighbor on their new place. People move everyday for new jobs and relocate all over the country. It is always special when the person moving into a new place feels welcome and cared for.

Here are a few great messages to place in your gift card when you send out one of our New Home, New Apartment, Welcome Home Gift Baskets !

Welcome to your new home..hope you love your new neighborhood !
May you and your family grow strong in your new home.
Hope your new house becomes a home.
Congratulations - the move is over!
Congratulations on your achievement ! You made it!
Relax and enjoy your wonderful new home!
May happiness & love move in with you. There's no place like home!
May you and your family enjoy years of happy times in your new home.
May you create countless memories in your new home


"Gifts are Relationship Builders" Corporate gift snack baskets can include collections of cheese, wine, chocolates, candies, poultry, lamb, pork, veal, smoked meats and appetizers, traditional and exotic seasonal fruits, or seafood. These gifts not only celebrate special occasions but also express a company's care and concern for all its employees, stockholders and clients.

Buyers like you are looking for appropriate ways to say thank-you to employees, associates, and suppliers. Corporate snack baskets promote goodwill and gratitude among the recipients. Traditionally, the goodies in the basket are shared amongst the colleagues and staff of the office, irrespective of who the recipient is.

According to www.ppa.org, the Promotional Products Association International, a survey they conducted revealed businesses that had a corporate gift program were twice as likely to increase their chances of being contacted by customers than those who did not gift.

You can use our gourmet gift baskets for :

Welcome New Employee
Customer Appreciation
New Contract
New Office Space
Service Appreciation - 10yr, 25 yr
Top Producers
Farewell Party
Celebration Dinners
Off-Site Meetings
Team Building Events
Sorry / Apology To A Client
Special Occasions for your Employee/Client like Weddings or Birthdays
Thank Your Admins
Thank Your Boss

They do not have to cost a lot - a decent gift basket that can be shared by around 5 employees will start around $50. Many a times we can personalize gift baskets to include the items from your company like company key chains, stress balls etc.