Missing your College Student?...Send him/her a CARE PACKAGE !

Sending your student a care package is by far one of the most touching things you can do. We all like money, but a real care package, with items that you've handpicked for us, is extra special! Send a message that college isn't always just about grades but is also about having fun and enjoying yourself !!!

Just the sight of another student lugging a box from the mailroom makes everyone else jealous. Some schools offer a care package service, where they pack and deliver treats to your student, but it means so much more when you take the time to pick out something you know your kid loves.

Or we can always do it for you.... :)

So what do you put in that care package? Home-baked treats top the list, but be sure to send them overnight or 2nd day air. After all, most grandmas don't include preservatives in their brownie recipe. Packaged snacks hold up much better (Have you ever seen a moldy Twinkie?), but to make the package really special, try to include a favorite snack that's not available where he or she goes to school.

If there's a holiday your child won't be coming home for, why not send some gift cards for Target or Walmart or so that they can pick out some holiday goodies from the stores? College kids still like to celebrate Halloween and St. Patty's Day, and a lot can't even make it home for the bigger celebrations like Thanksgiving or Easter.

Another thing that's great to send in a care package is clips from the local paper. Look for names of your child's friends in the social pages, college news, etc. If he or she played in high school or followed local sports, send clips about their teams. Send news about his or her old school.

Besides the obvious edible goodies, other great things to include in a care package are useful supplies like pens, pencils, post-it notes, stamps and the much-revered roll of quarters for the laundry or snack machines. Fun stuff like markers, stickers, silly notepads and rubber stamps are also appreciated, since most students don't have a lot of disposable income to blow on fun stuff.

Just remember parents, with a little time and postage, you can really make your student's day!