Falling prices on Christmas Gifts ! Where to shop ?

Unlike Australians who are likely to have to pay more for goods and services this Christmas where falling company profits force businesses to raise prices......out here in the US compnies are scrambling to lower prices and get cutomers into the door. As sales and profit expectations go down and expectations for employment growth are at their lowest levels, the retail industry shifts their attention to getting new and retain old customers with lucrative buys and free shopping offers.

Look for sales flyers in your mail boxes, free shipping offers in your inbox. Here at Elegantly Expressed we are offering FREE SHIPPING if you call and place your order before Dec 5th 2008 for your very first order with us !  

"Sales at department stores and specialty retailers are falling rapidly. They are cutting staff, discounting merchandise and liquidating stores to survive. But even as the financial turmoil strangled discretionary spending at many stores, it sent struggling consumers into the arms of Wal-Mart — and left it, the world's largest retailer, poised for a blockbuster Christmas." So shop smart this Christmas and make the best of the financial gloom that is upon us.