Creative Wrapping Ideas ! Recycle Recycle Recycle !

This is a great article in Real Simple online. Since I love being creative this article really grabbed my attention.

Turn old jump rope, dish towels, newspaper, and more into great gift packaging

Wrap Wine Bottles with Dish Towels

Original Purpose: Drying dishes. Aha! Use: Transforming a bottle of wine into a gift. Reality check: A crinkly Mylar bag makes a wine bottle look like it came from outer space, not from the heart. By wrapping a bottle in an attractive dish towel (or linen napkin, fabric remnant, or piece of craft-store felt) tied with a nice length of ribbon, you can turn the perfunctory hostess gift into a proper holiday — or any-day — present. How to Do It: Place the bottle along one side of the fabric so that the bottle's top meets the top of the fabric. Fold up excess material at the bottom over the bottle, forming a pocket of sorts. Then roll it evenly and secure at the neck with ribbon. Reward: Good taste and tastes good.

Here are 5 More !

  1. Tie Up Kids' Presents with Jump Rope I love this idea. Its great to use a present to wrap another !
  2. Tie Up Gifts with Ponytail Holders If its a gift for a young clever is it !
  3. Wrap Presents with Newspaper I have been doing this for years. I love the comic section as it is colorful and vibrant.
  4. Greeting Cards as Gift Tags I think nowadays the cards are so nice and glittery and have so many pop-ups. My daughter saves those pop ups and uses them to decorate the present. But this is a neat idea too !
  5. Use Old Calendar Pages as Gift Wrap Ok this may seem easy but I think the calender pages are not that big and this might not be the greatest idea for large presents.

So hope you find an inexpensive way to wrap your gifts !