Housewarming Gifts ~ Advice for gift giving !

A new home comes with a brand new beginning for the new owners. Bringing them good luck and a welcome gift is usually given within the first year or even 6 months of them settling down.

It is a time honored tradition that new owners invite their friends, family and relatives over for a housewarming party of sorts to share this moment of joy.

Housewarming gifts are different for different person. For your closest friends, housewarming gifts can be personal, humorous, and special, while for new neighbors or acquaintances you may want to make more generic gift choices.

5 Good Gift Ideas
  1. Plants make great generic gifts.
  2. Platters are welcome by any hostess.
  3. Candles and aromatics make a sensual gift.
  4. Coffee Table books make great gifts.
  5. Gourmet Gift Baskets are perfect as they can be customized.

3 Bad Gift Ideas
  1. Paintings make bad gift ideas as every one's perception of art differs.
  2. Small Kitchen appliances are very personal and therefore should not be given, unless you are sure of the make, brand and kind the person wants.
  3. Cleaning gadgets ! :) Although there are so many cute and useful cleaning gadgets that you might want in your house, refrain from giving those.
The gift that you give will reflect your values and class. So choose something that is personal if you know the people well or something generic. But always give them a gift certificate so that they are able to exchange it if necessary.