It’s time to expect more from your phone !

With travel becoming easier one would want a phone that works everywhere in the world. The Cingular 8525 PDA Phone does just that and more. Its a mini computer, MP3 and Video player and more....

I saw it for myself. My husband bought it because of its many features and the fact that it can do all the things listed below.

The Cingular 8525 lets you do things you'd typically need a PC to do, like email, text messaging, instant messaging and Web browsing--all from one integrated device. What's more, the phone's software is designed to sync seamlessly with email, contacts, and calendar information on your PC. The 8525 also offers great mobile music and video options, thanks to Windows Media Player. Other design features include a unique slide-out QWERTY keyboard that makes messaging, note-taking, and other writing tasks a breeze.

The award-winning Cingular 8525 3G Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0-based Pocket PC phone, with its compact size and ultimate connectivity, is truly the complete mobile office solution. Roam anywhere in the world and use the phone's high speed Internet access, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi capabilities. The 8525 gives you more control than ever over the way you work.
5 Stars from me ! Anyway, just thought I would let you guys know.