3 Intangible Valentine's Day Gifts for Married Couples

For long term relationships and marriages, here are 5 gifts intangible gifts that will make an impact long after Valentine's Day is over.

Traditional gifts such as chocolate, flowers or cards will only go so far, but gifts of caring, love, respect and genuine affection will last for a long time! .

1. Give 5 extra minutes to your spouse each day, starting today...just gazing into his/her eyes, holding hands, rubbing his/her back...this is a priceless gift that will enrich your relationship and contribute to better intimacy.

2. Compliment him/her with 3 wonderful things each and every day. I heard this one on the John Tesh radio show. He said that this was a proven study and that it will make you appreciate your spouse better.

3. Exchange a list containing each other's likes and dislikes this week and do something from that list on Valentines day. You will be surprised to read the answers from your spouse. Categorize the answers - at home, outside and with family.

Sometimes the true gifts are the ones that make each and everyday feel like Valentine's Day !