Towel Origami sweeping the nation !

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How about the new towel origami craze that seems to be sweeping the hospitality world and now our Gift Basket world too ! Fancy Honeymoon hotels are folding towels into animal shapes, heartsm and the Swan you see here to welcome their guests.

Debra Paulk from Festivities Publication has some great designs for gift baskets. I think it is wonderful to add fun visual effects in gift baskets. Many people who have ordered our baskets always say that they are so beautiful that they display them at least for a week or two before opening the basket.

Here is a video for Towel Origami

You'll never fold a towel the same old way again. Make a guest bath special with towel origami-the art of folding fabrics into cool shapes and creatures. Crease and crinkle ordinary towels to create an elephant, monkey, ladybug, palm tree, lotus flower, spinning windmill, skyscraper, and more.

Probably the most popular book out on Towel Origami. Nice photos and nice towel origami creations. Was able to make some of the creations without any problem. Worth buying if you want to learn towel origami.