10 Global Gift Giving Practices You Should Know Before You Give A Gift

Business & Personal gifts are given every year - but the customs and traditions of gift giving can vary dramatically from one country to the next.

BEWARE : Exchanging gifts may seem like a harmless practice, but in many countries, a gift given at an inappropriate time, or even one that is the wrong color, can be seen as offensive. In some countries, gifts are not given until negotiations are completed to avoid the impression that the gift is meant as a bribe. Elsewhere, gifts are exchanged only in private.
  1. In Asia - Gifts should not be opened in front of the giver; doing so implies greed.
  2. In China - Do not give handkerchiefs, as they imply grieving.
  3. In Japan - Gift wrap is important, but Western bows and ribbons are considered unattractive
  4. In Singapore - When giving a gift, your recipient may decline it at first. Your role is to keep insisting that they take the gift, and they will accept on the third insistence
  5. In France - An intellectual gift is considered a compliment to the recipient.
  6. In Italy - Do not give chrysanthemums, brooches, handkerchiefs or knives, because they are associated with sadness.
  7. In USA - when given a gift, it is not always necessary to reciprocate right away. You may wait until an appropriate occasion arises if one is coming up soon.
  8. In Mexico - Avoid silver gifts, which are associated with trinkets sold to tourists
  9. In Spain - do not give gifts with a company logo.
  10. In England - Choose your gifts carefully, because British retailers often do not give refunds or exchange goods.