Are you creative? Do you want a residual income?

Are you creative? Do you want a residual income? Do you want to stay at home and work only part time? Turn your creativity into a profitable business, designing custom gift baskets for corporate and individual customers.

Research and reading are a big part of it all. Make a business plan. Go to SBA - Small Business Administration for tax info and on how to set up a small business. It doesn't require a great deal of startup capital--many successful gift basket businesses were started with just a few hundred dollars. What it does require is thoughtful planning, preparation and commitment fueled by a strong dose of excitement and enthusiasm.

Once you feel that you have a steady income (that will take 1/2/3 yrs - depending on the time, effort and money you put into the business). It surely does not support you at first as it takes time for people to trust your business enough to order with a credit card. Yup, you will have to take those, it is easy. There are lots of credit card Merchant Services. But start reading as much about it as you can.